Alumni Testimonials

An amazing place with amazing people, and an amazing program that teaches you how to tap into and nurture your creative potential. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
- 2019 Alumni, USA

More than school, more than theatre, a unique and life changing place.
- 2018 Alumni, Poland has been the most transformative experience of my life. I went there to study theatre, but ended up learning a lot more. It's been months since the course ended and I still learn something from it every day. Arthaus is a gift that keeps giving and I wish for everyone to be able to experience it some time.
- 2023 Alumni, India

Here, my understanding of theater, art, and even life and the world has been constantly inspired and deepened. In my opinion, what this school did was to inspire my own artistic language, rather than teach me to use a specific language to create art. This is what contemporary art teaching needs most!
- 2023 Alumni, China

We want you to become the artist you wish to be, and hope to provide you a challenging and supportive environment, whether you join us for a workshop or a degree program. We aim to be a place, where rigorous training meets the pleasures of playfulness, where academic research meets personal process and where each student can grow within the challenging and stimulating environment of an international arts community.

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